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Thread: Nucleus Films are releasing GIVE US TOMORROW (1978) DVD - JUNE 29TH, 2015

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    Nucleus Films are releasing GIVE US TOMORROW (1978) DVD - JUNE 29TH, 2015

    Nucleus Films proudly present the UK DVD premiere of Donovan Winter s final feature, the 1978 home-invasion thriller, Give Us Tomorrow. With a cast of experienced British acting talent headed by Sylvia Syms and Derren Nesbitt, this grimy yet sleek hostage movie is far more than your standard slice of Soho sleaze; and, like The Deadly Females, emphasises the director s gradual move from the tawdry British Sex Film towards social comment- with a hefty chunk of suspense thrown in. Shot in leafy suburban Orpington, the story concerns two less-than-professional criminals, Ron (Derren Nesbitt) and The Boy (Alan Guy) who imprison a family in their home whilst their accomplices raid a local bank managed by the father (James Kerry) But then something goes wrong, and a bank teller (Gene Foad) is shot dead, and the hapless duo soon find themselves without the loot in a lose-lose situation with half the London Borough Of Bromley constabulary in attendance. Tense and claustrophobic but with a setting straight out of a Thames TV sitcom, GIVE US TOMORROW was at the time originally withheld for legal reasons (see booklet) from proper distribution or theatrical release. Original VHS releases are extremely scarce: therefore, the arrival of this long-awaited, remastered and uncut disc is cause for celebration among cult collectors everywhere. Special Features include Brand New 1.66:1 Transfer Enhanced for 16x9 TVs Theatrical Trailer Donovan Winter Trailer Reel The Winters of My Discontent - Donovan Winter s memoirs (.pdf) A Winter s Tale - Donovan Winter featurette Naughty Trailer Reel.

    Haven't seen this, anyone care to comment? Love that cover art.

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    Love thethe voice over in that trailer....and the philosophical argument between the bad guy and the mom....and the nudity of course...

    Review here..

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