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Thread: Demon Lover (1977)

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    According to Don Jackson it wasn't just biased, it was outright deceptive and fraudulent as well. NOT my defintion of a "favorite" documentary.
    It doesn't have to be one of your favorites.

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    I am gonna have to get the disc for the documentry too...I have seen a few of his movies...and yes, you can say he definitely made the movies more or less how he wanted to..his vision might not have been to everyones taste..but he did stay true to his vision...with or without the budget!!!

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    The bias displayed in DEMON LOVER DIARY* stems from the fact that it's a film made by the "victims" and while I don't believe that the intent of documenting the situation was malicious from the get go, the end result is arguably a hatchet job on some bad bosses. Now people go on Yelp! to bad-mouth former employers but apparently in the 70's you had to make a home movie.

    What I took from it is that films are often helmed by type A personalities who rely on type B personalities to achieve their "vision" and in the case of THE DEMON LOVER you have two extremely strong-willed, albeit unskilled and slightly delusional individuals (Jackson and Younkins) relying on the talents of a terribly passive person (Kreines) and the alpha dogs will always attempt to dominate the meek, especially when one of the dogs is crazy enough to chop his own fingers off to make a movie. The fact that Kreines doesn't quite get the running joke of being told by Jackson that he's fired (he wasn't being paid so technically there's no real job to be fired from) is indicative of his emotional sensitivity. When we see him on the toilet in his motel room he's obviously full of self-doubt. He's not a complete milquetoast however since he does stand up for himself on occasion but his temper tantrums, warranted or not, reveal that he was not really cut out for that type of filmmaking.

    Fair or not though DEMON LOVER DIARY is a must-see for lovers of garbage cinema as it answers a question often asked when viewing shitty movies: "How did these people not know they were making such a shitty movie?"

    They did know...or at least some of them did.

    I will echo the sentiment that a double feature BD of both films would be a treat and commentary from the main players still with us would be appreciated given the amount of time that's passed since the ordeal of getting THE DEMON LOVER made. I really want to know if shots were indeed fired and if those final scenes of Kreines and his partner being chased out of town were legit.

    Bring it on, people who bring such things on!

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    The BFI are showing Demon Lover Diary!
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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