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Thread: RIP Mario Caiano

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    RIP Mario Caiano

    News is getting out on FB and on Twitter that he passed away recently.

    I haven't found any official newspaper links or anything yet but Umberto Lenzi says it's true.
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    Yes, I saw this at the SWWB - here's a link provided there. I really dug his work, he's not discussed much and didn't have style to burn or anything but he had a very solid body of work in many genres. FIGHTING FISTS OF SHANGHAI JOE, TRAIN FOR DURANGO, COFFIN FOR THE SHERIFF, WEAPONS OF DEATH, BLOODY PAYROLL, EYE IN THE LABYRINTH, NIGHTMARE CASTLE (weirdly I just watched the BD this weekend)...RINGO THE FACE OF REVENGE is one of my favorite of the mid-tier spaghettis. RIP sir.
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    Read this today; sad. Weapons of Death is one of my favorite Eurocrimers.

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    Shanghai Joe is bad ass. It should be on blu.

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