I just had a suggestion for Vinegar Syndrome that I was thinking about tonight after watching Carnal Haven on DVD. I know they scan all their movies in HD, and I was wondering if they could offer their films that they release on DVD, as a download for purchase in blu ray format? For a brief time they did offer some films for MP4 format for purchase on their website. I was wondering if they could offer a Blu ray 25gb version for download of their porn films they can't release on Blu ray because of production costs? I have a blu ray drive in my computer, and Blu ray 25 media is fairly inexpensive, and I would gladly pay for a Blu ray quality download of their porn films like Dracula Sucks, or well any of their releases that they couldn't offer on blu ray due to manufacturing costs. Just an idea, not sure if it's feasible, but I just wanted to bring it up, because I would not mind the download time for a large download, and it saves Vinegar Syndrome the trouble of getting stuck with lots of discs they can't sell. I mean you could still release the DVD versions, but for those who have blu ray drives in their computers, and fast internet you could offer a download option for a HD version to purchase and burn to a blu ray disc so they can watch it on their blu ray player. I know you are doing exploitation.tv, but I am not going to do subscription services, but I would do a service like this where I can just buy the movies I want. I guess it's similar to the Warner Archive program, but a little different.