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Thread: Finally... Synapse Films Releasing Thundercrack On Blu-ray!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marker28 View Post
    The detail about additional "short films" on the bonus DVD is intriguing but vague.
    Curt McDowell's short films are supposed to be difficult to see, but I read that his sister has them so perhaps Synapse have managed to make a deal. If so, sounds like this could be one of those discs like Barrel's Last House On Dead End Street that becomes an essential resource about a little known film maker.
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    I emailed Donald May about this (Oct 1st)...
    At this point, we’re looking at a bunch of different shorts. We’re at least trying for CONFESSIONS, SIAMESE TWIN PINHEADS and LOADS.
    We have to check the condition of the materials first.

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    My pre-order has just shipped from Diabolik, still not sure what the shorts are though.
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    Very excited this is getting a proper release, McDowell's shorts are all pretty good so whichever ones they are they should be worthwhile.

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    I have this one preordered only 2 more days till release date, can't wait to finally see this movie! It sounds like one of the best releases of the year. The good stuff got saved for December, I also got the Blue Underground Franco blu rays ordered, and the Severin Dracula release, December is a busy month for great releases to blu ray

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    Just got it. Shorts are: Confessions, Naughty Words, Loads, Boggy Depot and Siamese Twin Pinheads.
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    Been working through this, wins my disc of the year. Along with the Duke Mitchell films this proves that some things are worth waiting for.

    I don't think we've ever had it so good with Synapse, Vinegar Syndrome, Grindhouse, Camera Obscura etc. knocking it out of the park every time. The mainstream may have abandoned physical media, but these labels are producing discs for collectors on miniscule budgets as a labour of love that just get better and better. Fucking awesome, and fuck the mainstream!
    I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.

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    Yeah, I got my copy yesterday and spent the night going through disc one. Will do disc two tonight and maybe find time to finish a piece on it. Synapse really went all out on this. It's amazing that a film like this has been given the treatment it has here.
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    This is on its way from Diabolik. I've had that Dutch PAL DVD for over 10 years and..... I've never watched it. So glad I get to experience this for the first time uncut and in pristine quality.

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