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Thread: Severin Releasing Jess Franco's Count Dracula

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    Severin Releasing Jess Franco's Count Dracula

    This was talked about in the Franco Blu-ray thread but here's the official press release!

    Severin To Release COUNT DRACULA With Christopher Lee On Blu-Ray in December

    HD Disc Of Jess Franco's 1970 Film Will Include
    First Ever US Release Of Experimental 'Making Of' Feature CUADECUC, VAMPIR

    In 1970, cult director Jess Franco and screen legend Christopher Lee collaborated on what they promised would be the most faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel ever filmed. From its remarkable performances - including Lee as the Count, Herbert Lom (MARK OF THE DEVIL) as Van Helsing, Soledad Miranda (VAMPYROS LESBOS) as Lucy, Maria Rohm (VENUS IN FURS) as Mina, and authentic madman Klaus Kinski as Renfield - to its lush locations and atmosphere of sinister sensuality, it remains perhaps the most spellbinding version of Dracula in movie history. Fred Williams (SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY) and Paul Muller (NIGHTMARE CASTLE) co-star in this 'thrilling' (Twins Of Evil) and 'fascinating' (Arrow In The Head) horror classic, now fully restored, loaded with all-new Bonus Features including Pere Potrabella?s experimental 'making of' feature CUADECUC, VAMPIR, and re-mastered in high-definition for the first time ever.

    Specs and art are as follows:

    Uncut Feature in HD (Includes Controversial Previously Deleted Baby Scene) at Franco's Approved Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
    CUADECUC, VAMPIR (1970): Experimental 'Making Of' Feature By Pere Portabella
    Audio Commentary with horror historian David Del Valle and Actress Maria Rohm
    Beloved Count Interview with Director Jess Franco
    An Interview With Actor Jack Taylor
    'Handsome Harker' Interview With Actor Fred Williams
    Christopher Lee Reads Dracula
    "Stake Holders" An Appreciation By Filmmaker Christophe Gans
    German Trailer

    On the same day and date Severin's sister label Intervision Picture Corp will release the brand new feature length documentary THE TRAIL OF DRACULA - an in-depth look at the lord of the vampires' origins, the creation of Bram Stoker?s novel, and his journey through popular entertainment of the 20th century. The DVD will also include audio interviews with several actors who have played the Count including Christopher Lee and Udo Kier and over 90 minutes of Dracula movie trailers.

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Great stuff. Now, Severin please bring on some more Golden Films-era Franco!
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    Awesome package for a fun film.

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    Psyched there is a commentary with the elusive Maria Rohm, but I am growing extremely weary of Del Valle modded tracks.
    Looks like a killer release though, very enticing!

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    Was never a huge fan of Franco's Dracula, but its time for a re-appraisal, and I cant resist this, but then again I haven't been able to resist any of the Franco blu's. I'm actually pretty stoked for this now, and that new Dracula documentary looks interesting. Wes Benscotter the artist is doing a fabulous job on these. Ordered both.

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    Wow! That Trail Of Drac pic is outstanding!
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    Yeah, TRAIL OF DRACULA will be worth it to me for the 90 plus minutes of trailers alone. Awesome.
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