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Thread: Blood Spattered Bride

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    Blood Spattered Bride

    Not much in the way of details yet but Subkultur has announced that they're working on a Blu-ray release for The Blood Spattered Bride for 2016.
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    Always baffled me, why this one has taken so long for a HD upgrade. I hope it happens.

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    It's a great little Lesbian Vampire flick.

    The double feature trailer is legendary:

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    This is sort of an underrated and rather arty film, I would love to see it make it to Blu Ray. This one with "I Dismember Mama" has always struck me as a really weird double feature.

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    Please god yes a Blu-ray. And include the end credits this time FFS.

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    someone posted a new flyer with upcoming subkultur releases!

    edit: bigger picture

    didn't know they were working on blood spattered bride.
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    Artus released this a while back and while only a DVD you can see the improvements in the new transfer.
    Can't wait to get this on Blu!

    Artus DVD

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    Coming next year from Mondo Macabro. Who Can Kill a Child too.

    Coming to BD for the first time in the US: two total classics of 70s Spanish horror - WHO CAN KILL A CHILD and THE BLOOD-SPATTERED BRIDE!

    We're currently working with the licensor in Spain to make sure we get the best possible HD elements to ensure these will be the definitive editions of these films for years to come.

    Hopefully we'll have these ready by summertime! More info TBD/TBA!
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    That news is about as good as it gets.

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    I thought I had seen B-S B but based on those screen caps, I don't recognize it so I'll probably check it out.

    It seems like today was kind of big for Euro films with these two from M.M. & Death Laid an Egg announced by Cult Epics. I haven't seen D.L.A.E. either.

    I'm really looking forward to Who Can Kill a Child? from M.M.!

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