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Thread: Vauxhall Rideshow (Koji Shiraishi, 4DX, 2016)

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    Vauxhall Rideshow (Koji Shiraishi, 4DX, 2016)

    Koji Shiraishi just released a new film, Vauxhall Rideshow, which was made exclusively for 4DX theatres. It only runs 25 minutes.

    Here's one guy sharing his feelings after the screening:

    "I saw Vauxhall Rideshow. The smell of high school girl is amazing! High school girls are amazing! Thank you, director Shiraishi!!"


    I probably won't get to see this as I'm afraid 4DX would make me sick, but interesting nevertheless. I normally wouldn't give a shit about 4DX, but this one was made specifically for the format.

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    Go see it Takuma...u will regret it if u dont....its less than 30 mins so try not to he sick.....looks awesome..but sone dodgy CGI can glimpse in the trailer..either way..should be jon stop scares for its running time!

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