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Thread: Mill of the Stone Women coming from Arrow

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    Mill of the Stone Women coming from Arrow

    From Fantasia Festival's site
    Although technically an international co-production, Giorgio Ferroni’s MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN (1960) officially qualifies as the first Italian horror film produced in colour. Ferroni’s landmark Italian Gothic boasts an impressive saturated colour signature, a style which was later picked up by Mario Bava when he made BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (1964). As a result, much like the later features by Bava, the film stands out stylistically for its bold painterly qualities, in this case layered in gorgeous fairy-tale Gothic artifice. While its impressive baroque set design – the highlight of which includes a macabre waxwork carousel – draws heavily from Grand Guignol tradition. This screening features the world premiere of Arrow Film’s new restoration of Ferroni’s much admired Eurocult classic.
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    I love this movie, but already have the German bd.
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    Tim Lucas has done a commentary for this. He mentioned it since "the cat has been let out the bag" or words to that effect on Facebook. He also said that it will have at least 2 versions (there are 7 versions of this in total) & probably a featurette detailing the different versions.


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