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Thread: Film Media /Film Movement Releasing Joe Sarno Films On Blu-ray

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    A touch of genie is going to be the edited softcore version right?

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    A Touch of Genie is an edited version. There wasn't a softcore version of the film made originally. Vinegar Syndrome has the unedited film on Blu-ray.

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    What a waste of time film movement says they are doing definitive versions of sarnos films and they release a movie edited

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    Hopefully vol. 8 isn't too far off. Inga is a must-have.

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    Inca is the best of Joe Sarno's movies that I have seen so I hope it's out soon. I am a bit annoyed they edited a touch of genie I mean they claim to be doing definitive editions and they edit his films how lame if they can't take some sex then they should be releasing Looney tunes cartoons instead.

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    They're definitive non-XXX versions of films . Seriously, I doubt Raso wants to do blu rays of any films with explicit content. It limits the market.

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