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Thread: XTRO Coming To Blu-ray.... good news and bad news.

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    XTRO Coming To Blu-ray.... good news and bad news.

    So yeah, XTRO is coming to Blu-ray.

    Which is great.

    But it's coming from Platinum Cult Editions, which is not great. Because they're the guys that did the transfer on Moontrap, the infamously sand blasted waxy ass nightmare of a presentation.

    So this is kind of bittersweet news. I'm gonna stick with my DVD until word is out on the quality of the images.

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Dammit! XTRO is high on my want list. There is no hope either. Reading that guy's posts on, he thinks his DNR'd disasters look great. He'd rather scrub every once of detail so long as there is no grain.

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    Love XTRO. The DVD is flawed as well; there's a white speck on the print in the upper-right hand corner for most of the run time. The thing that bothers me is it probably could've been easily removed.

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