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Thread: RIP Joe Fleishaker

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    RIP Joe Fleishaker

    Anyone who grew up watching Troma movies knows exactly who this man was.

    It's been reported that he passed away the other day. Not a real shock given the health problems he clearly had, but a sad day for anyone Troma fan never the less.

    He was 62 years old.

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    Dang, RIP. Loved seeing this dude in all those Troma pictures and PSA's. His health really went downhill in the last couple of years and it was sad to see him struggle with his few lines in Poultrygeist.
    "Ah! By god's balls what licentiousness!"

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    Wow..maybe have to start a seperate RIP forum for the sheer amount of people dying these days...seems like almost every other day.
    This guy was pretty much a staple in Troma films...obviously big health issues but a Troma movie wont be the same without him popping up at some point..

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