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Thread: New Netflix Series - Stranger Things

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    S3 starts shooting in April and will be shorter than the first two seasons.
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    Hopefully that means less filler this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom D View Post
    Career prediction: after Stranger Things wraps up we don't here from him for 15 years. Then one day you're watching an action flick and our hero pulls himself from some recently exploded scenery, rises slowly into frame like the hero he is, fairly glistening with maschismo and unbridled male sexuality... and the person next to you will turn to you and say: "You know that's the chubby kid from Stranger Things?"
    ...and he'll marry Rebecca Romijn.

    I didn't want to look at this thread until I'd watched season 2. I think it's better than the first too, apart from episode 7. Hopefully this is why season 3 is going back to 8 episodes.
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