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Good article about "Doctor Who's The Daemons, weird children's TV of the 1970s, and the inescapable presence of Nigel Kneale."

Funny to be talking about Doctor Who being scary for kids back then. Have they caught the show recently? So much in the Moffett era to scar kids for life.

I think I mentioned earlier in the thread that I caught with up The Deamons a little while back. The Quartemass and Wicker Man references are not hidden well but is that a bad thing? I always figured having doctor who riff on popular movies was fun. The Seeds Of Doom stands out as an example.

So much of those early episodes are padded to hell on a rewatch and The Deamons is a particularly bad offender. There's also an hilarious scene where the Doctor gives poor Joa dressing down that has not aged well at all.