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Thread: A thread about Doctor Who

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    And as so often with the announcement with a new Doctor there's a collective cry from the masses of "...sorry, who's that then?" Never seen Broadchurch. So no opinion as yet. Was kind of hoping for Phoebe Waller-Cates. I saw a bit of the Fleabag show and thought she was quite good. Kris Marshall would make a good companion and as far as I'm aware has nothing going on at the moment so get him in.

    For the record, I would rate them Gillan, Coleman, Agyeman (the forgotten one), Mackie then Piper.
    Gillian was the best. You're a brave man rating Coleman that highly though. I'd rate Mackie up at second. The real forgotten one though is Tate. Which is fair enough. She was pretty terrible.

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    Whittaker seems to have mainly acted in British television shows and films, none of which I've seen. There's a few films like ATTACK THE BLOCK that I have seen but I really don't remember her in them. I'm fine with her taking over the role. Actually I'm looking forward for her first episodes to see how she does.

    And yes, I actually liked Jenna Coleman (soon to return in the Christmas special). I'll have to look up Tate, don't remember her at all.

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    And I looked up Tate and I think I was trying to forget she was ever on it. Well, at least I liked Piper better then someone.

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