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Thread: The official Smiley Bates thread!

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    The official Smiley Bates thread!

    Everyone needs more Smiley Bates in their life. I'd never heard of this guy until, earlier this summer, Alison and Tolch and I were digging through crates of cheap records at a thrift store near my mom's place. Here, I discovered this!

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    I admit, I was intrigued - who was this man? Where did he get that amazing suit? What makes him so smiley? Is that his horse or someone elses? The lady at the counter told me 'records are 10 for $2 on Tuesday if you want to come back then' and I told her, toots, I'm not gonna be here Tuesday, so she let me have them at that price even though it was a Thursday. At any rate, further digging resulted in more Smiley Bates albums. I bought them all, sight unseen, knowing that this was gold.

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    Money well spent! And since getting home and having had a chance to actually listen to these records, many of which appear to be kind of tough to find, I've decide more people need to know about Smiley.

    You can read up on him here.

    He's got a pretty big discography, so I'm really just dipping my toes in at this point, but you're damn right that each and every time I go out record shopping, especially in thrift stores in small towns in North Ontario, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Smiley Bates albums.

    For now? Dig in!

    And check this out, some of the last footage shot of Smiley before he passed away - great stuff! Who are the people on the couch???? Is Smiley gonna drink that beer? Looks like a bottle of Kokane to me. YUCK!

    Look out for the kid in the ROOTS shirt!

    Kitchen jam session with Smiley! SO GOOD! Look at that pizza! Now I want pizza.

    Skip to a minute in to see Smiley do his thing. AWESOME.

    Smiley could play a mean fiddle too!

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Seriously though, and I mean this without a trace of irony, Smiley Bates is really good. If you've got even a passing interest in old school country and dig music by Hank Snow and Hank Williams Sr. and the old guard, give him a shot. He's got kind of a goofy name but they guy is a really solid guitar picker and he does a great job not only with the sad songs, but the more upbeat songs too.

    I only wish I'd heard about this guy before he passed away. It seems he spent most of his life not at all far from where a good portion of my family has lived for decades. Had I known of Smiley, I probably could have seen him play as it looks like he was pretty active right up until his last days.

    So RIP, Smiley! Gone but not remembered because I didn't know you - but hey, if you can get some new fans posthumously, so much the better!

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I can dig it!

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