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Thread: The Trial of Mike Diana Documentary Kickstarter

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    I remember this case back when it was happening, this could be a pretty interesting documentary.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Backed.

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    Hope this gets funded.
    "Ah! By god's balls what licentiousness!"

    Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom.

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    If you're interested, Mike Diana is also doing a special 'box set' reprint of the Boiled Angel comics:

    (New York) For the first time since their original printing, Mike Diana's infamous
    homemade fanzines BOILED ANGEL are being reprinted exclusively by Mike,
    and now available for pre-order! These are the zines ordered by the FDLE
    (Florida Dept of Law Enforcement) leading to Mike's arrest, trial, and tribulations.

    With BOILED ANGEL LIVES Box Set you get all eight issues of Boiled Angel,
    along with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mike. Each box is signed and
    numbered on inside lid, each issue signed/numbered on inside front cover.

    Name:  BoiledAngelbox_red_sm.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  21.2 KBName:  boiledangel_8issues_sm.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  61.5 KB

    (Boxes will start shipping in time for Xmas)

    Box Set = $100 (plus postage)
    Only 1,500 will be made available.

    Also Available:
    “VINTAGE” Box Set
    $140 (plus postage)

    Name:  BA_vintagebox_sm.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  40.4 KB

    Special vintage version of BA Box Set is a naturally-aged 1960's stock.
    First 15 orders may choose from four colors for logo, the rest are orange.
    Only 30 vintage box sets will be made, so order soon.

    Vintage Box buyers get added bonus!

    Name:  worlds_largest_fetus_sm.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  16.4 KB

    This box (5.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches) is a unique addition to BA box set.
    How can the world’s largest fetus fit into such a small box, you ask?
    You’ll have to order it and open the box yourself to find out!
    Worlds Largest Fetus is a $35.00 value if sold alone.

    Postage/Handling for US Only
    $10 Media Mail
    $20 Priority Mail

    Paypal: mikediana - at -
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    I wish I had the money for that.
    "Ah! By god's balls what licentiousness!"

    Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom.

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    I remember when all that happened. I was in touch with Mike, traded videos with him, & have artwork in several, if not , all of B.A. issues. Wish I kept my copies to sell for big bucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex K. View Post
    I wish I had the money for that.
    Yeah, they do seem pricey. $100/8 issues = $12.50 a pop. (plus $10 for the box and shipping)

    Still, if he is trying to move 1,500 copies... I think it is going to be a LONG time before they sell out. I imagine you got a while to consider it, or put nickles in the piggy bank to safe up.
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    Sweet! I love it when docs like come around. Hope the funds go through.

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    Never got to read Boiled Angel,but heard so much about it.

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