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Thread: Zeder / Revenge Of The Dead

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    That looks quite a bit crisper, really makes one appreciate the quality bump a nice, new, made for Blu 2K scan can deliver over an old HD master.
    If only Code Red had waited, they might have had access to this new master.

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    From X-rated's FB page:

    On 01.02.2018, the the ECC #41!!


    Eurocult-Collection #41
    Cover a numbered and limited to 444 pieces
    Cover b numbered and limited to 333 pieces
    Cover c numbered and limited to 222 pieces
    Cover d numbered and limited to 111 pieces

    Stefano, a young student and writer, receives a secondhand typewriter from his wife Alessandra. On their ribbon, he discovers the lyrics of the previous owner, who deal with so-called " K-zones He begins to investigate and discovers that some people are convinced that in the said zones, they can be resurrected because of the lack of zeitverhältnisse. Stefano wants to get to the bottom of the story and find out about the previous owner, a former priest who recently died. His research leads him to an old compound that appears to be leaving, but is surrounded by electrical fences. Stefano won't let go without knowing that the truth will exceed his imagination!

    A small masterpiece of atmospheric density created by pupi avati here. This edition is the only Blu-Ray in the world to have a specially crafted hd master in breathtaking quality.

    - Exclusive HD-Master specially produced for this publication!
    -, by Christian Kessler
    - exclusive, of Prof. Marcus Stig tasty.
    - visit to the original location
    - German advertising material
    - Italian advertising material
    - extra thick 20 page booklet with contributions by christoph n. Keller Bach and bodo trotter
    - us teaser
    - Italian trailer
    - German trailer

    Length: 100 minutes
    Languages: German, Italian
    Subtitles: English, German
    Format: 1.85 / 1080 P / 24 fps

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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