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Thread: HBO's The Deuce

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
    What surprised me about the end sequence was just how emotional it was; the whole series was fairly unsentimental and presented everything matter-of-factly, so I appreciated that they gave us an ending with some real feeling. It made me realize how much I liked these characters, and I think that was part of the point.

    Yeah, I can totally get that; I just don't go for endings like that, seemed a bit lazy after some of the writing this season. But I'm still reeling from the end of two episodes ago.

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    That may have been my favourite series of telly ever. I liked the ending. Seeing modern New York after romantiscing its old grit for 3 years was.... I don't know but it was something. I won't bore you with my personal life philosophies but there's something about this show that really ties into them, affirms them, questions them and generally leaves me feeling a bit sad. In a good way.
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    I have to admit I was a bit sad about how Candy’s arc ended. I really liked her character and Maggie G. was excellent.

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    Complete series Blu-ray release coming 5/26, I expect S3 will get either a standalone Blu-ray or digital release on that same date.

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