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Thread: BANZAI! Japanese Cult Movie Posters

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    BANZAI! Japanese Cult Movie Posters

    FAB strikes again.


    Before ad campaigns for movies became virtually identical everywhere around the world, Japan held a unique position as a country where even the sleaziest of films could have a poster worthy of advertising an art exhibition.

    Sex, horror, action, science fiction - no matter what the subject matter, Japanese graphic designers put their hearts into creating wonderfully crazy and colourful posters, which spoke to an intended (mostly male) target audience but were also very often made with a high level of artistic skill. When the US and Europe still advertised their films with hand-drawn illustrations, Japanese artists used the most compelling and often outrageous images of the promoted films to design stunning photo collages that are without a doubt among the most impressive examples of modern advertising.

    BANZAI! JAPANESE CULT MOVIE POSTERS is a book for everyone with an interest in exploitation cinema, movie posters or popular culture in general. It celebrates a time when genre cinema was wild and crazy, and poster design was still an art.

    With BANZAI! JAPANESE CULT MOVIE POSTERS the author shares many (over 550) of his rarest, most beautiful and most obscure posters on almost 300 full-colour pages. BANZAI! is the first book focusing solely on Japanese movie paper for exploitation movies, and is pure eye-candy for everyone either interested in horror, sex and exploitation movies, movie posters and/or art and design in general. The book features Japanese monsters, bound ladies in distress, classic Euro-horror, zombies, cannibals, samurais, and much, much more. It also includes blood & boobs aplenty ;-)

    We are extremely happy to present this gorgeous volume as the second book from CREEPY*IMAGES.
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    That looks awesome. There's some photos of the inside on the facebook for Creepy Images; I have 3 or 4 issues of CI & think they're great but the site I ordered them from within the U.S. doesn't distribute them anyone. I hope someone imports the Japanese book to the U.S. for sale. It does look like it'd be worth the high price just for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre posters if I have to order from FAB.

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    I almost picked this up but the $15 for shipping killed the deal, I recently got the Dracula Scrapbook
    and that had the same shipping fee and I balked at doing it again so soon.
    They had a pre release special where you could add 2 issues of CI for free...I was soooo tempted. ( I have issues #1-10 )

    If only you could just get the book for $28 stateside, it does look awesome.

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