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Thread: Foxy Brown: The Series Coming To Hulu

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    Foxy Brown: The Series Coming To Hulu


    "The 1974 film “Foxy Brown” starring Pam Grier was a financial success, grossing $2.4 million on a $500,000 budget. At the time, the cult movie was recognized and praised for depicting a strong and powerful African-American woman. Now, per Deadline, a TV adaption of the classic is in development at Hulu with Meagan Good as the lead.

    The project, executive produced by DeVon Franklin and Tony Krantz, will be written by “Empire” scribe Malcolm Spellman and Ben Watkins (“Burn Notice”). The original film followed Brown as she sought revenge against the man who murdered her boyfriend. The TV series is being reimagined as a modern version of the original Jack Hill-directed feature.

    Good is also set to serve as producer, with Jason Weinberg, Evan Hainey and Drew Comins as executive producers. MGM TV is the studio."

    More at the link.
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    Odd that Hill isn't involved as it is his magic (and Grier) that made the original so great.

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