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Thread: Electronic Soundscapes: Pop / Synth / Italo-disco

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    had a pretty hardcore alone moment quiet freakout with this one after smoking some weed once. a bit of bass towards the end. tipped me over the edge

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    lucky enough to see them in Boston after Ann Shenton left. a very fun show. had no idea it was at the end of the group tho. still have a hat

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    this popped up on my bicycle while something was going on. kinda fit the mood pretty. sorta burned in my mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roderick View Post
    That's amazing! Thanks.

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    always thought Ricochet and Logos were good albums for people new to Tangerine Dream

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    this and a lot of the Tangerine Dream stuff sounds pretty great for me wile i ride my bicycle

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    someone dumped a box a records outside and this was in there. funny when things like that happen

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