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Thread: Wishmaster Coming From Vestron/Lionsgate?

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    As I wrote before, I think there were some really inspired moments. I won't give too many details (so these shouldn't be spoilers to anyone who hasn't seen the movie), but I loved the devastating revelation that the heroine was going to have a difficult time finding aids to help her fight the Wishmaster, as well as the subtle technique she used to defeat him. And as Tom pointed out, the party scene was really terrific, borrowing terrifying icons from another culture to great effect.

    As far as the gimmick with the Wishmaster fooling people to make wishes that resulted in their own demises goes, that was probably the least interesting thing about the plot, for me anyway.
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    The whole series huh? The second film is certainly fun, again its much more jokey than the first, mainly thanks to spending a decent amount of time with the Djinn in prison (!) because what better place to grant wishes? The budget was significantly lower than the first too so the gore isn't as elaborate though there's some great casino carnage near the end involving a rouge roulette wheel. It was Andrew Divoff's last time playing the Djinn which was unfortunate as he's so great in the role especially during the prison scenes.

    The third and fourth are watchable thanks to their lead actresses, AJ Cook and Tara Spencer-Nairn respectively. They really would have benefitted from Divoff's presence.
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