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Thread: SCREAM: 5 FILM SET Coming In September

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    SCREAM: 5 FILM SET Coming In September

    Coming out September 6th. Includes the Bio Channel doc, SCREAM: THE INSIDE STORY, and the reputed end all and be all of SCREAM documentaries, STILL SCREAMING. Quite affordable, too. Amazon has it for $20 bucks. Not a bad price for 3 flicks and 2 docs.

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    Isn't there a fourth movie coming out? Buying this when there'll be another box shortly down the road seems like a bad idea.
    Not that it matters to me, really. I've never seen one and I never will.

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    The fourth movie is coming from AB in October (details).
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    The fourth WILL never be included in a box set because it's owned by Anchor Bay, and the rest are Lionsgate. They addressed that issue in one of the press releases a while back. A lot of people were asking that same question. Besides Craven has hinted there might be new trilogy. So AB will eventually put out there own box set, presuming SCREAM 5 and 6 comes to pass some day. I heard 4 sucked anyway, so, I'm fine with the first trilogy alone being in a box set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Francis View Post
    I heard 4 sucked anyway...
    ...and thereby didn't watch it and find out for yourself?

    I hear and read that a lot of movies "suck", but I always make sure I see the films that interest me regardless of what a bunch of whiny fanboys say on the internerd. And you know what? More often than not I actually enjoy those films that some kids say "suck", without ever seeing the film in question, because I'm willing to give stuff a go and NOT just rely on what a handful of internet nobodies (myself included) have to say.

    If I forewent all of the movies that 'net fanboys said "sucked"...I'd be watching nothing.

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