Has anyone else had the chance to check out any of the new Hammer productions?

I haven't seen Let Me In yet but will get to it eventually. I liked Wakewood and thought it fit well under the Hammer banner as it felt like a 70s occult/supernatural film without going for an intentionally campy retro vibe. I liked the concept and the performances and most of the effects but was more impressed with the tone and atmosphere than anything else. It felt like a Hammer movie to me, it had the right approach.

And then there's The Resident, which is not a bad movie at all in and of itself but the only 'Hammer'ish quality to it is the presence of Christopher Lee, who is in it for about five minutes tops. It's got some creepy parts to it, it's fairly well paced and the performances are good but there's nothing that distinctly places it under the Hammer banner in my eyes.

And maybe that's the problem. Maybe because I like the old Hammer stuff so much that I want the new stuff to play in the same world. Obviously a lot has changed since the seventies and it's probably unrealistic of me to expect the new Hammer to make the kind of movies that the old Hammer would have made. I guess I should just be happy that there's a new studio out there interested in making reasonably good horror movies rather than retreading tired old slasher motifs over and over again.