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Thread: Kuso ~ Grossest movie ever?

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    Kuso ~ Grossest movie ever?

    Not heard anything about this one before...but seems to be trying to be the grossest movie ever...can it be worse than Serbian Movie?

    Kuso is a collection of semi-connected short films chronicling the lives of the mutated women, men, and children of Los Angeles, following the earthquake to end all earthquakes. But that’s not really Kuso’s story, let alone its point. While the film does hint at some interesting (though opaque) commentary about Los Angeles, racism, and the grim and bloody history of America, its creators are mostly interested in one thing: producing the grossest film ever.

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    A saw a chunk (i.e. one of the shorts) last year and loved it!

    It's a mixed format (film and video) project, and the bit I saw was film.

    Here's my description from an email I sent someone about it: "The chuck that screened involved a herpes faced, diseased couple living in a cluttered apartment who spend their time bickering and fucking. Eventually, the guy discovers that the woman has a sort of Rabid-esque growth in her neck that speaks with a slightly British accent, and wants to suck the guy’s dick, which he obliges. The decide to name it 'Royal.' Then it ends."

    For the people on this forum, I highly doubt it'll be in even the top 10 grossest movies ever, but, at least the chunk I saw, was well written, nicely acted, professionally and creatively shot and, best of all, genuinely very funny.

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    Surely Tumbling Doll of Flesh is the nastiest film ever made?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboyslim142 View Post
    Surely Tumbling Doll of Flesh is the nastiest film ever made?
    It certainly is up there with the best

    This one is trying to be the GROSSEST movie..little different approach

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    Thanks for the heads up! I'm a fan of Flying Lotus' music, so I'm definitely intrigued.

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    Yeah Lotus' music is great. The trailer looks good to me.

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    "Ah! By god's balls what licentiousness!"

    Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom.

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    I finally got around to seeing this film. It's really weird, grotesque, funny, beautiful, and creative as hell. Awesome music too! A damn shame that it doesn't have a blu ray release.

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    I liked it, it isn't the grossest film ever but it certainly has a lot of body horror and fecal imagery.

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    "Kuso" is now out on blu ray in France. I saw the movie again recently and still think it is terrific. Blu ray link-

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