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Thread: Outrage: Final Chapter (Kitano, 2017)

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    I was bored as fuck and decided to put this on and had a rather lukewarm reaction to it. Kitano didn't seem to have his heart in this and just wanted to send off the franchise with closure. Wasn't terrible by any means and I agree with Takuma that it's still a "decent yakuza" flick but the amount of footage of old farts in suits in boardrooms planning to backstab one another was tiresome and I don't want to speak ill of the recently deceased but Ren Osugi was terrible here as was most of the supporting cast aside from Nishida and Kitano himself. The anticipation of the brief bursts of violence was the only thing that kept me going and glad that Kitano kept it old school in that department.
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    Film Movement has this slated for North American distribution, but no dates yet.
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