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Thread: Nicolas Winding Refn's Too Old To Die Young

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    Right!? I think Refn has reached that special part of his career where it's less about entertaining than it is about pushing his story telling quirks to the absolute limit as a kind of artistic statement.

    Which I don't mind.

    But it has to be said that at 13 hours long it's a daunting prospect contemplating getting all the way through this show. I'd love to see a version where someone just cuts out all the long pauses in conversation.


    And it's got that Lynchian LA vibe. There's a lot to like. Not sure if I can do it though...
    How many people said the exact same thing about the new Twin Peaks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Clark View Post
    How many people said the exact same thing about the new Twin Peaks?
    I know I did. It definite got there in the end but there sure were long Douggey heavy stretches where I questioned my life choices. Someone else want to be the canary in the coalmine here and see if 13 eps gets us anywhere.
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