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Thread: Composiite Photography

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    Composiite Photography

    To keep myself from getting bored taking photos recently I've been doing a lot of composite photography like this one:

    It started off with this shot of my neice. As she was screaming my sister wanted her put into some sort of jeopardy to make it less silly. I like wolves. Plus wolves always have their noses to the ground which make them easy to make them look like they are looking down at a baby.

    Which then got a request for a baby with zombie picture from my cousin.

    Since then I've been churning them out pretty regularly. Another neice:

    I haven''t a client whose given me permission to share these yet but most of the concepts I've been working on so far I showcased with my girl:

    This one was the biggest job so far with pretty much every leaf being a seperate layer came out okay.

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    Photomontage is an interesting practice, with a long and fascinating history. When done well, it's got all sorts of potential (for entertainment, or even for propagandistic purposes). These are all cool, Dom. I like them. On the other hand, if you want a giggle at some terrible examples of photomontage, have a look at this website: There's hours of fun there
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    Those are fun. I like the baby on the barrel and the lady with the turtle best. Those cracked me up.
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