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Thread: Demon Wind (1990)

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    92 days after I started this thread, and Vinegar Syndrome announces a 2K BD release- not too shabby.

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    Exhibit A: Lou Diamond Phillips, three years after doing La Bamba.
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    Exhibit B: G.L.O.W. wrestler and adult film starlet, Tiffany Million.
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    Demon Wind is the shit! I rest my fuckin' case.

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    Judging by those screencaps this is something I want to see!

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    I'm not sure I've ever run across Demon Wind before but based on the screen caps, I'll be buying it.

    The caps for the other films released at the same time as D.W. are equally enticing.

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    Those of you who took a chance on this, and have now seen it for the first time- what are your thoughts? I’ve watched it four times now since release day. There’s just something about this one that clicks for me, every single time. It’s like a strong mead that has a sour smell, and is off putting at first, but something about it makes you want to give it another day in court. So you give it another spin, only this time you’re sold on it, and you just keep coming back.

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    I thought it was a hell of a lot of fun and will definitely be returning to it.
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