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Thread: The Lo-Fi, Outsider, Avant-Pop, Experimental Music Thread

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    The Lo-Fi, Outsider, Avant-Pop, Experimental Music Thread

    Let's get strange...

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    I keep hearing about Animal Collective. I have yet to hear them. I believe I will remedy that today.

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    avant-pop is a pretty broad label

    i know people have different opinions of Sigh but i think Imaginary Sonicscape falls into avant-pop

    this one is a bonus track from the reissue

    while the extra tracks on the reissue are nice i prefer the original release. Bring Back the Dead has been changed for the reissue. been a while but i think it is extended but the guitar riffs are gone. major bummer. i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure that is how it was changed.

    not super into guitar sounds for the most part but there are some very catchy riffs, or whatever, on this album. remember telling my brother it about and saying something like Goblin teaming up with Tangerine Dream for a black metal record

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLG View Post
    Interesting song. I believe that it is here as an "outsider" style, but is a common style from North Africa to India.

    Here is a similar style from Mali:


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