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Thread: Tarantino Making A Manson Movie - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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    I thought the soundtrack was a good job of NOT making the obvious choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Silly Swede View Post
    ...the need to introduce a fucking narrator after two thirds of the film...
    I didn't understand that choice either. The silver lining, I guess, is that it's only in part of the film rather than throughout. I don't think I would have made it past the 30 minute mark if it had been.
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    I thought the narration was a decent bait and switch, sort of a parody of those true crime shows where the narrator is leading you up to the dreaded moment you've been expecting, but then... surprise!
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    I probably need to see this again. I went from loving it to liking it to being quite annoyed by it, specifically by the end. I thought the rendering on LA was absolutely breath-taking. I couldn’t look away when Margot Robbie was on screen and also thought DeCaprio was excellent. I liked the insights into the plight of the actor, into the craft of acting. The ending though. As has been said, why even bother using Tate, Polanski and the Manson Family, why conclude the film there and then if you’re going to rewrite history? I suppose the very title tells us we’re watching a fairy tale, and as a love letter to Hollywood, perhaps it has to have a happy ending.
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