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Thread: Tarantino Making A Manson Movie - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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    I thought it was just okay.
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    Finally got around to seeing this. I liked the dog, but that's about it.
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    A four hour cut could be coming next year.
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    No desire to see this again at 2hrs 40 way Jose!

    Likely Netflixed like his extended Will Smith opus.

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    Tarantino did a movie with Will Smith?
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    Just rewatched for the first time. I kind of suspected it would a better film on a rewatch and I was absolutely right. When you know only the bad guys are going to get murdered you can sink back and just let it wash over you. I think I can rate films watched at home on a scale of how many times I check my phone during them. The scale works in reverse so if your watching, say ExMachina, you might score it a 1. If you watching Wild Wild West it could be in the hundreds. I give OUATIA a 0.
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    I liked it well enough, though I think the film would have been fine without the Manson stuff. I would have enjoyed a deeper dive into the Italian film industry of the era. Was very cool hearing some Francesco De Masi on the soundtrack. I want to watch it again because I think Dom makes a good point about soaking in the nuances once you know the outcome.
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