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Thread: Cry Of A Prostitute

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    Cry Of A Prostitute

    OK, so as was mentioned in the Code Red thread, there are some minor cuts to that release.

    Well, Film Art announced on FB this morning that their upcoming Blu-ray release will be completely uncut and that it will be English friendly.

    Here's the cover art:

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    Has anyone seen a detailed description of what is missing from Code Red's Cry of A Prostitute? I'm not overly concerned about an extra shot of the severed head. I watched the Code Red disc and didn't notice any unnatural cuts. The film flowed just fine.

    I like FilmArt's cover. Never cared for the cover with Bouchet's battered face.

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    I haven't checked the dvd-r but I think there is a snippet of dialogue by Bouchet missing when Silva is in the horse corral. She walks up as he's talking & writing the note then puts his hand to his face as if it's a response to something unheard & she's standing there.

    The only other difference I noticed was the dvd-r ends with subtitles for the quote at the end of the movie & CR, it's read in English.

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    50,216 has a pre-order page up for this now.
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    When will people learn to stop ordering from Code Red?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex K. View Post
    When will people learn to stop ordering from Code Red?
    Probably around the same time people stop writing stupid things on the internet.

    Is FilmArt known for meticulous, high quality releases?

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    What (Blu-ray) region is this?

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    Germany = Region B
    dtm has it listed as B
    have to wait until release to fully confirm if its region locked unless you ask filmart directly.

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    here is a very interesting statement by FilmArt regarding different versions of "CRY OF A PROSTITUTE", that i will try to translate into english as good and accurate as i can.
    here in the spoiler tag the original german language posting (just in case somebody speaks german here:

    [Show spoiler]


    "The first resonance to "Cry Of A Prostitute" was so overwhelming that before the pre-order start we want to raise the ante with a nice info.

    After scanning the OCN we recognized that definitely two different versions of the film exist. Not uncommon, especially with movies by Andrea Bianchi. There is for example an extended cut of "Malabimba". However, these scenes supposedly were not made for international distribution, this is why they are missing in almost every version available.

    Recently there was a similar discovery regarding "Lizard In A Woman's Skin", but in this case it was explicit erotic scenes that are missing on the known Blu-ray / DVD version, or were replaced with alternative material.

    Same goes for "Cry Of A Prostitute". The scan of the OCN showed that it is widely identical to the german version, that was back then released by "Arcade" (i.e. the famous "head" scene at the beginning or the differences in the talking of the mafia bosses in the beginning is 1:1 the same on the tape).
    So this was not sloppiness by the lab or cuts made by german censors, but the negative actually is exactly this version.

    The old italian DVD is based on the longer version with extended dialogue scenes and is sourced from a positive copy and (according to the rightsholder) unfortunately became a victim of the ravages of time.
    Who wants to see the film in its full glory on our blu-ray, will immediately understand what we mean.

    For our release we restored said extended scenes as good as possible to also show you this version.
    In addition to that there will be a fully german dubbed version for those that find short insertions in original language annoying.

    Next to the german dub we will also offer the italian original version and the english dub.

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    Aha, so the extended scenes will probably be inserts from an SD source then? But I don't quite understand if the longer scenes were in the film during its original Italian theatrical run? If the OCN doesn't include them, it feels as though the version released by Code Red is in fact not cut per se, but is actually the theatrical presentation of the film.
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