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Thread: Cry Of A Prostitute

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    Film Art has revealed the negative is exactly the same as Code Red's Blu, they will add in inserts for the missing seconds. The extra bits were not part of the negative and were for limited overseas distribution and were only available in a positive print that has gone south. "

    That's good news for all involved. I'm happy with the CR release & it's nice to know it's the way it should be. I'll just keep the dvd-r for those extra bits, which, I'll never watch again (most likely).

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    filmart BD:

    code red BD:

    aww, poor banana man he just can't get it right + german blu-ray is uncut (missing segments with english audio!).
    SO GLAD I didn't spend one cent on this hack job blu-ray.

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    The German Blu's back in stock at Strange Vice if anyone UK based is after this at a better price than importing.
    I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.

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    There's not a huge difference between those screenshots. All I see is the CR is a hair darker when I click between the two. Definitely not worth me double-dipping.

    If Diabolik has it & I'm itchin' to spend money then there's always that chance, though.

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    Well to me there's a clear difference in grain (is it just because of filtering or worse encoding I don't know). And some of the code red shots have some problems (because of filtering). In the screenshot with the old man shooting, the smoke coming from the gun is messed up. The other screenshot with shooting also has the smoke messed up all around and even some of the bushes. And the screenshot with the man falling down has all kinds of artifacts all around the image... shirts, hands, head, trees, pitchfork, all have lots of problems.

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    I'm so glad that I don't notice any of this stuff. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, but it seems that some people don't even enjoy the films anymore because they're too preoccupied with picking apart the flaws in the transfers.


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