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Thread: Pop Cinema & SWV Present Racy Reels From The Something Weird Vault Blu-ray Series!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakesh R. View Post
    I don't have the blu ray, but was curious about the bonus loop with Uschi Digard. According to the Mondo Digital review, it states a 10 minute SD loop. Is it SD or HD?

    It probably is in SD, but it certainly looks better than what I've seen previously. It says it's mastered from the original negative, and I don't doubt that's true. The colors and the detail are better than what I have seen on other tapes or discs.

    If you're familiar with Uschi's loop material, the loop featured here is the one where she starts out wearing a pink top. I did a quick search, and this is a preview of the loop in question. It was the first thing I found, and it goes without saying that the tiny preview images here are not indicative of the quality that you see on the Blu-ray. But the preview at least lets you know which loop it is. [Again, the file size and image quality here in this image do not apply to the Blu-ray]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalala76 View Post
    The film itself is so so. It is weird though that the first half or more is in the main softcore then especialy during the last third it does indeed go hardcore.
    One possible reason for this is that in the early days of hardcore, some films would "hide" the hardcore scenes until late in the film. This was to deceive any vice cops that may have been checking out the film since if nothing happened in the first part of the film, they would leave assuming it was just a softcore film. Don't know if it's the case with this film and it was not a common practice but could explain the shift.


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