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Thread: 31 Days of Horror part 3: Dream Warriors

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    Day 4 Night of the Living Dead 1990 remake

    Decent remake with a great cast of horror genre standouts


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    October 4th- Leatherface: TCM III

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    KILL LIST - Good - not great - crime thriller that becomes a full-on horror flick in the final 20 minutes. As with previous viewings, I found the dialogue was often hard to understand because of the strong English accents and the fact that the characters mumble a lot. The hammer scene is fucking brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Banks View Post
    05)The Girl With All The Gifts 8.5-This one caught me off guard. Sick to death of zombie movies this one has a few curves to it that make it a stand out. Plus the cast is top notch. Very pleasant surprise.
    Loved the book of this one. Just finished the sequel which was basically a rehash but lacked that awesome twist in the end. Glad to hear the films good. I'd been looking forward to it but then quite forgot it was available.

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    Day 5 Species

    Decent mid 90s sci fi/horror.

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    Species 2 is a lot schlockier and therefore better.
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    10/1 - Cult Of Chucky
    10/2 - Popcorn
    10/3 - Kill Baby Kill
    10/4 - Happy Hell Night
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    October 2017

    01)The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning 1
    02)Riding The Bullet 4
    03)Stranded 4
    04)Scary Or Die 2.5
    05)The Girl With All The Gifts 8.5
    06) Dracula's Daughter 10
    07) Son Of Dracula 9.5
    08) The Black Cat(34) 9.5
    09)Leatherface: TCM III unrated 3
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    Day 5 - God Told Me To

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    Not really horror but I'm going to count it anyway: David Hess in Hitch-Hike followed by the director's cut of Robo-Cop (Oct. 5)
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