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Thread: 31 Days of Horror part 3: Dream Warriors

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    Day 5 - God Told Me To

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    Not really horror but I'm going to count it anyway: David Hess in Hitch-Hike followed by the director's cut of Robo-Cop (Oct. 5)
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    Day 06 Come out and Play

    The recent remake of Who Can Kill a Child.

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    Day 6 - The House That Screamed

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    SHE WHO MUST BURN - Excellent drama/horror from Canada about a group of anti-abortion protestors who terrorize a small town. The last half hour is really disturbing. It won Best Feature at the Fantasia film festival in 2015.

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    Day 07 Robo Vampire

    Better than I expected.

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    Amsterdamned: has style and reasonably high production values but at the end of the day it's an average slasher with a unique gimmick. The lack of gore was sorely disappointing.
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    I watched A GHOST STORY last night. It's not a good one to watch when lacking in patience.

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    October 2017

    01)The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning 1
    02)Riding The Bullet 4
    03)Stranded 4
    04)Scary Or Die 2.5
    05)The Girl With All The Gifts 8.5
    06) Dracula's Daughter 10
    07) Son Of Dracula 9.5
    08) The Black Cat(34) 9.5
    09)Leatherface: TCM III unrated 3
    10)The Devil's Candy(15) 3
    11)Advantage Satan 2 (10 minute short)
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    "She Who Must Burn" sounds interesting and 'eh' at the same time.

    Last night (Oct. 6th) was "Silence of the Lambs". Anyone notice that the victim in the well is quite the firecracker? When she's asked if she knows where the killer is, she yells up "How the fuck should I know?!?" then calls her a "fucking bitch" when she leaves to go looking around the largest basement in the world. Pretty funny & tough.


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