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Thread: What are your movie watching habits these days?

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    What are your movie watching habits these days?

    I don't think I'm wrong here in saying we have an aging demographic at these boards. Most of us quickly drifting towards middle age and parts beyond. I guess the young un's are using facebook. But I'm curious as to what your movie watching habits are and if they've changed a lot since you were younger. The Halloween thread over on the horror section shows some of you are still watching a hell of a lot of movies which I kind of envy. When I was younger it would be a rare day I didn't watch at least one movie and I would quite often binge 3 or 4 at a stretch before heading off to bed. Not so much now. Few reasons for that; firstly I'm usually knackered by the time I sit down to watch a movie. I don't wholly remember what's it's like not to be knackered but I'm pretty sure in my younger days I experienced that often and in fact often verged on sprightly. It makes it tough to focus on a film start to finish. In fact most of my movie watching now is when I put on a film in the background while I work and I'm never going to put on a good film for that. It's either something ancient I've seen 10 ten times before or some trash like a Fast and The Furious or a DC film.

    There is also a thing that as the years go by it's gets harder and harder to find new great films which dampens ones enthusiasm. When I was starting out as a fresh and eager young film buff I bought a book of 101 greatest films and worked my way through that and every film was a new one to me and most of them were great. Then I bought Danny Peary's Cult Movies books and worked my way through those. All great too and most were not that hard to find despite the "cult" moniker. Generally speaking, finding acknowledged great films was easy. Now though if there is a major classic I haven't seen it's because I've already decided I definitely don't want to see it. Sound Of Music for instance. While there is a thrill in the hunt of tracking down the super obscure Turkish batman film some guy on facebook told you is a must see you definitely reach a point where you're putting in more and more work for far fewer returns. i can't think of a first time movie watching experience that totally blew my mind this year... Maybe not even last year...

    Television is also definitely cutting into my movie watching time. It's so good right now! Tonight for instance there's new episodes of The Deuce and Ray Donovan I haven't seen yet which are both just awesome productions. Then there's a multitude of more humble shows that I'll have to catch up on too: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Family Guy, Walking Dead etc. A whole new series of Stranger Things later this week. How the hell is a man supposed to fit a movie in with those all running?

    Anyway as I say I'm impressed by the halloween thread and I'm curious as to how many of you are still knocking down a film a day. Or is my slowing down with movies something a lot of you are experiencing as well?

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    At 31 I'm a little younger than many of you, but I do feel I'll be heading the same way. Until now I've had enough free time to search for hidden gems, and I find it amazingly rewarding when I do find one. But I know I won't be able to do that in the future... to watch 10 crap films just to find one cool one.

    What you said about it getting harder and harder to find new great is totally true. I have such nostalgic memories of the early 2000s when I was in my teens. That's when I first discovered world cinema (=non-American films), greatly aided by the simultaneous rise of DVD, internet shopping and Visa Electron that even a 15 year old could get. The possibilities were endless. One day I'd be seeing Hard Boiled for the first time, a few days later Lady Snowblood hits the mailbox, and at the end of the week I'd discover Suspiria and Oldboy DVD. Naked Killer and Police Story from HKL would hit the mailbox the following week, together with The Evil Dead...

    Those days are long gone. I have, however, managed to keep my passion for cinema since every few years I've discovered something new. Until my early teens it was all about American cinema, then I discovered Asian Cinema. Next came film festivals, and the I managed to relocate myself to Japan, where I first discovered the local rental stores and home delivery rental services with fantastic selection (e.g. Geo has 130 000 mainstream dvds + 180 000 adult dvds). Next it was the streaming services with thousands of old TV and VHS masters of never-released-on-DVD films. Then I discovered 35mm and the amazing cinemas in Tokyo that play (almost) nothing but 70s genre flicks in 35mm from morning to night...

    But I don't think this can go on forever... I gotta grow up at some point

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    2017 (so far)-250

    The past two years my viewings have dropped significantly. As my health has worsened, my desire to watch movies has also dropped. I still get geeked out for certain films being released but mostly have had to deal with my daily struggles. I'm contemplating dropping Netflix because just about every horror film that they have I've either seen or it is pure shit.
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    I'm soon 35. Two kids, a wife, a full-time job. Always tired, never enough time. I try to squeeze in a couple of films a week, at least, but often I prioritize sleeping so I can handle working the next day. Yeah, my movie watching habits have really taken a turn for the worse the older I get. As a young man I often stayed up all night long watching films, but those days are long gone now
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    I'm lucky that I mostly work from home so no time wasted commuting and I can get an hour of sleep at lunchtime if needed, so I usually get to watch a film each day if I'm in the mood. Being single at the moment and not having children also helps.
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    i'm almost 36. definitely don't watch movies like i used to. tend to blind buy and seemed to hit a streak of turds. my free time also shifted to books before the streak of bad movies hit. still watch movies but not very often. kinda watch the news more than anything right now.

    tv shows are good too. looking forward to Better Call Saul and Stranger Things. Patriot on amazon was pretty good too.

    right now if you catch me watching something 4 out of 5 times it will be the news

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    I am as uneven as ever. When I have time I can watch 6-7 films in a weekend, but other weeks I see nothing. It is a nice hobby to have, and I find it meaningful. My to Watch pile keeps expanding though, and it is looking increasingly likely that I will ever succeed in eliminating it. (Also, it helps living in a country where the weather is horrible for about 2/3rds of the year, and that this past winter I worked so much overtime that I almost weekly can take an afternoon off and spend it at home watching films)

    Also I agree 100% with Takuma about the hidden gems. A few weeks of watching duds is totally worth it on those rare occasions when you strike gold, and my love of film is renewed.

    Series I do not let interfere, as they are not the same thing for me, as only maybe one or two is worthy of my time. I only follow a 3-4 a year, and those are often an hour a week or done with during a weekend if a whole season is released at once.
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    I watch whatever looks good. What annoys me is that I'm so familiar with the storytelling process and when I know where the story is going I instantly lose interest. That and I think I lost most of my tolerance for schlock.

    So it could be one new movie a month. Maybe once a week. It all depends.
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    I just turned 43 this summer. But being retired pretty much I got loads of free time.

    Average week I wAtch at least 7 films. Most nights I fall asleep either listening to a movie commentary or a documentary. Now just 2 years ago,when I was down to wAtching 3 tv shows a week,I would wAtch at least 2 films per day.

    The past 3 weeks,part of is because I was laid up in bed for a week with a lower back injury,I have been watching lots of Poverty Row horror movies. Most of which I have never seen.

    Thanks to the local theater not having matinee showings,and it usually being packed with teens that refuse to got 1 1/2 hours without using their Damn phones,I might see 2 films a year in a theater.

    Also cause of my part time job filming indie wrestling I end up watching lots of deep south Indy footage. And have been for the past year getting footage together to hopefully make a documentary on deep south Indy wrestling.

    Just checked my viewing log,looks like I have watched a bit over 200 films so far this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Silly Swede View Post
    I am as uneven as ever. When I have time I can watch 6-7 films in a weekend, but other weeks I see nothing. It is a nice hobby to have, and I find it meaningful. My to Watch pile keeps expanding though, and it is looking increasingly likely that I will ever succeed in eliminating it. (Also, it helps living in a country where the weather is horrible for about 2/3rds of the year, and that this past winter I worked so much overtime that I almost weekly can take an afternoon off and spend it at home watching films)
    That's pretty much identical to my own experiences. With work and family commitments, sometimes I only find time to watch two or three films per week. At other times, however, when I have less work and more free time, I can watch ten or eleven films. I've watched about 250 films this year. (I keep count in my diary.)
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