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Thread: New Netflix series: Mindhunter

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    New Netflix series: Mindhunter

    David Fincher directs several episodes (and is one of the producers). You can see the influence of "Zodiac", as well as "7even". Based on the book (and life) of John Douglas, who helped develop FBI profiling (Behavioral Science Unit), and was the basis of Jack Crawford and perhaps even Will Graham characters in the Thomas Harris novels. I just watched the entire first season this weekend (10 episodes), and I heartily recommend. Season Two looks like it's going to be pretty crazy, now that things have been established.

    I didn't find another thread about this, so sorry if its a repeat of info.

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    I thought there was a thread on this but you're right, no dice. Was planning on starting this after finishing Stranger Things S2. It looks to be really well done and pretty intense stuff.
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    I enjoyed it, but....the series starts off with Ed Kemper. And the guy who plays him is so amazing, that everything without Kemper feels less intense. Still, great television.

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    The Ed Kemper guys is great. Loving his scenes.

    I'm only a couple episodes in but I'm not really sold as yet. It feels oddly naive. I don't really buy how wide eyed and clueless our lead is. I think if the actor played a bit more deadpan they'd get away with some of the simplistic takes on criminality but his "oh golly gosh" mannerisms don't tally with him being a seasoned hostage negotiator. Like when he hears someone say "are criminals born or made" and he reacts like his minds just been blown. The lines stupid anyway. It's so generalised as to be meaningless- and a cliche to boot- and it shouldn't get any reaction from this character but instead it acts to galvanise him.

    Like with Fincher's House Of Cards before it, it looks to be taking itself very seriously but feels strangely dumbed down.

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    Pretty good, but still not at all worthy of its hype. Very slow moving and the plot was so obvious and signaled in advance that I had trouble caring once it got to where it was so obviously heading. Quite cliche characters also, (Bill Tench) and I agree with Dom about the younger fed. He felt really unbeleviable.

    The good sides though is excellent mood and style and some good really acting (Kemper for example), but overall its flaws are way to big to ignore.
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    I just finished episode 8. Great series. Epic soundtrack. Must have spent a fortune on music rights
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    Putting this on my list.
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    I saw the 1st episode and thought it was a lame version of Hannibal with a lame version of Will Graham.
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