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Thread: Scream Factory Releasing Fangs Of The Living Dead!

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    Scream Factory Releasing Fangs Of The Living Dead!


    "A mixture of Italian Gothic and both Hammer and Universal horror …" – Danny Shipka, Perverse Titillation: The Exploitation Cinema of Italy, Spain and France, 1960-1980

    Beautiful fashion model Sylvia Morel (Anita Ekberg) receives news that she has inherited a castle from her uncle. Her curiosity leads her to journey to a remote village to see her new house. Once there, she learns of her family's history and soon falls under the spell of her uncle. He wants her to become the new matriarch of the family … a clan of vampires! This chilling tale of bloodsuckers was directed by Spanish horror director Amando de Ossorio (The Lorely's Grasp, Night of the Sorcerers, the Blind Dead series).

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I have only seen it once so I'm no expert on this movie, but shouldn't there be a scene where the painfully unfunny sidekick is chasing rosanna yanni across the bridge? I think my DVD rip had the vampire dissolving ending + the rosanna yanni scene. I know you can watch this scene in the bonus features (alternate ending) but shouldn't this be reintegrated in the movie? I'm kinda confused about this whole thing, the main movie is supposed to be the longer spanish cut and not the cut-down fangs of the living dead version, so why does it feature the vampire ending and not the original hoax ending? btw if you put the original spanish ending in the bonus features at least subtitle it scream factory

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    It's a bit of a jumble unfortunately.
    I gave Scream everything they needed but they did not put it together as I suggested, as I was pretty sure what fans wanted.
    I gave them the English subtitles for the alternate ending, I also provided the Yanni coda in English but not widescreen.

    Scream was sent the export version, vampire dissolving cut to castle, end credit. That's what they released.
    They also got the alternate ending and the coda from tape with no English.
    I would have preferred they added the coda at the end.....even though this would result in a composite that never appeared anywhere.
    This may be a part of Scream's decision making.

    No subs for alternate ending pretty much negates putting it in there unless you speak Spanish and a major fail.
    caps with English subs for the alternate ending here

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    thanks man, this thread clarifies a lot of things about the different versions floating around. so scream botched it (again), but at least you tried to help them to make this release good! well, I guess we should be lucky that we have stuff like malenka or the vampire and the ballerina with gorgeous transfers available on blu-ray. who would have expected that 3-4 years ago? now bring on la notte dei dannati in HD!


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