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Thread: Mortal Engines

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    Nobody knows anything: still true.

    I bet Universal are really pissed off that Jackson farmed this out to a protégé while he was concentrating on more worthy things (They shall not grow old). I believe he was going to direct before all The Hobbit films came along, they already knew this was doomed when they sent Jackson out to do the press himself. I'd still go and see it if it came to my local cinema (it won't).

    I still want Jackson to do his Tintin sequel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agent999 View Post
    Nobody knows anything: still true.

    I bet Universal are really pissed off that Jackson farmed this out to a protégé
    I wonder if it would have made a difference. We'll never know of course but from the advertising I thought Jackson directed so I assume The Great Unwashed were similarly fooled. It might have got better reviews with Jackson behind the camera but I think we're learning that when it comes to blockbusters reviews don't count for a lot. Which leaves Word Of Mouth. Is that still a thing?
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    I am glad that this and that new Robin Hood flopped hard.

    Saves my faith in the moviegoing public.
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    Yeah I reckon that Robin Hood trailer is possibly the worst trailer I have ever seen. The world knew no one was going to go watch that. I would have put my money on Mortal Engines though. One of several reasons I've never been given my own movie studio.

    So no big movies this Christmas? No Star Wars. No Marvel. DC has the Aquaman movie and apparently some people want to see that but I'm not sure those people count. It's gotta the least box officey Xmas in memory.
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    Mary Fuckin' Poppins? Seriously, that's the big film for Christmas? That can fuck right off unless they got Lars Von Trier to direct it. Also, I could never have faith in the general movie going public.

    Goddamn, it's great to be as fucking superior as me!
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    I thought I'd read all the big young teen book series (my quadriplegic brother loves them and I read to him for an hour a day so we get through them) but never this one. I seem to recall coming across it at some point and thinking it looked too stupid to read. Odd that Jackson thought it wasn't too stupid to spend $250 million on because I was right the first time. Still if a film loses literally hundreds of millions I have to see it. So I saw it.

    It's easy- and fun- to make fun of the overarching story but putting that to one side for a moment it's amazing how poor this film is in the individual moments. It never builds any characters. It never builds the relationships between our characters. For instance, predictably, our two young leads fall in love but the first we know about it is when we're told by a third party that they are. And it's so derivative. It literally knocks off two major moments from Star Wars in under 5 minutes.

    Also I'm not sure how this was shot but it has major Soap Opera Effect. It's a wierd sensation when your 250 million dollar blockbuster looks like Coronation street. The special effects are pretty funky as well. They've created these beautiful looking skys for the movie and they are so nice that they refuse to blur them at any point. So you'll have a shot where the depth of field is dropping off nicely through the frame until you get to the horizon and you get smacked in the face by a perfectly in focus sky. It's the strangest fucking thing... it might be the sort of thing that only I get bothered by but I spent half this movie staring at the skies just wondering what the hell they were thinking.
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