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Thread: MicroLED - the holy grail of display technology is coming soon!

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    MicroLED - the holy grail of display technology is coming soon!

    I realize we don't often discuss A/V tech here and for good reason, as this forum is more geared towards the movie enthusiast as opposed to the videophile or A/V enthusiast but once in a while a technology comes along that will be a game changer. Samsung recently unveiled at CES a MicroLED wall screen that will be available commercially next year. Although many pundits believe it will take 2 to 3 years before a feasible model is able to hit the home theater market & even then it will still be considered the ultra-high end. So why is this such big news? Imagine a modular wall screen system that you can tailor to your individual needs in terms of size and one that in terms of pure picture quality trumps anything available now including OLED in color gamut, contrast, peak brightness, black levels, uniformity, lack of image retention, etc. I think this is huge news for cinema fans & videophiles. Of course, it will initially be exorbitant in terms of cost and the early adopters will be the one percenters who can afford state of the art technology but once it is able to be mass produced & suitable manufacturing yields reached, I think this technology will finally be the death knell for front projection.

    One complaint I've heard is that the screen is not acoustically transparent and therefore, the preferred method of aligning the front left-center-right speakers at the same height is a no go but Samsung acquired Harmon & will leverage their audio expertise to come with up a solution. I've read the Lotte movie theatre in Seoul which uses this technology employs some type of audio processing to simulate the sound of speakers coming from directly behind the screen.

    I'm really hoping this tech takes off and that I can afford to mount one of these wall screens in my home within the next decade. It would solve so many issues with front projection and also be an acceptable solution for those that don't want a bat cave and prefer to view sports or casual broadcast TV in ambient light during the day and switch over for serious cinema viewing without having to deal with the hassles of front projection. With the absolute blacks, this will obviate the need for any type of masking system if you want a Constant Image Height setup & prefer to watch content in 2:40 scope format on a 16:9 screen.

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    Saw this the other day. It looks nuts. I'm guessing it's probably aimed more at corporate than anything domestic- I expect to see them behind every news reader over the next few years. But it does make you wonder if it will ever be affordable for home. I'm guessing one day it will be. And if it does become affordable do you actually want it? Gut instinct is of course! But then 55 inches is already huge without being dominating and probably just makes more sense... Maybe they can combine this with LGs tv which can be rolled up, then you've got something!

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    This is overkill for commercial/corporate use. This is definitely aimed at the burgeoning high end home theater market & Samsung needs this to succeed in the worse way since they dropped the ball on OLED and let their rivals LG corner the market on OLED panels. I used to think 55" - 65" is the sweet spot in terms of TV screen size considering my seating distance but I've been fortunate to have access to my buddy's front projection system & let me tell you, once you've watched a blu ray or UHD on a 120" scope screen driven by a JVC D-iLA or SONY 4K SXRD projector with an anamorphic lens and supplemented by DTS:X or Dolby Atmos full immersive audio - nothing compares! My 55" OLED feels like a 19" B&W cathode ray TV in comparison. I'm confident in saying his system is better than 9 out of 10 commercial movie theaters that I've visited in the past few years.

    It's eerie how the image in a completely light controlled room looks like it's 3-D and floating off the screen. That's due to the dynamic native contrast that JVC projectors are known for...having said that, I noticed his system (which costs approx $25,000 including professional calibration, installation, etc) still has some issues that could be addressed with this MicroLED system - the chief among these being the lack of viable HDR on front projectors due to insufficient lumens, chromatic aberrations from the A-lens and the need for a completely dark room (floor, ceilings and wall) to reap the benefits. This MicroLED can be used like a regular TV in a family or living room and will blow away any front projector in terms of brightness and black levels.
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    I saw this in person a few days ago, and really, it pretty much gave me a giant AV nerd boner.

    It was also amazing to see the new sets from LG, HiSense, TCL and Sony. It's amazing how good the larger sets are getting.
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