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Thread: Tom Hanks To Star In Mister Rogers Biopic You Are My Friend

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    Tom Hanks To Star In Mister Rogers Biopic You Are My Friend


    "Tom Hanks, one of the most revered actors of our day, will have the opportunity to play everyone’s favorite neighbor. Variety reports that he will join the Fred Rogers biopic You Are My Friend, as the seminal TV personality known as “Mister Rogers.”

    The good news doesn’t stop there as Marielle Heller is set to direct the film for TriStar Pictures. She previously helmed The Diary of a Teenage Girl, one of best coming-of-age dramas in the last few years. The combination of Heller working with Hanks? We are excited for that."
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I imagine that the term, "vanilla" was invented for just such a film.

    My mom will love it.

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    Not sure that people in many countries outside the US would know what the fuck Mister Rogers was, so the warm and fuzzy Tom Hanks factor is going to be a big selling point internationally. I live in a small town with a large elderly population. I guarantee this will be playing at the local one screen cinema for three weeks straight. Can't fucking wait.
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