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Thread: Next of Kin (Aussie horror)

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    Next of Kin (Aussie horror)

    Umbrella will be releasing Next of Kin. I recognize the vhs art but have never seen the film but QT likes it so it has to be awesome!

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    Trailer looks good.

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    Keep your expectations in check and you'll probably enjoy it more than I did. I've only seen it on VHS, but I found it to be very slow with a few memorable moments. I had high expectations for it because Weldon praises it in the Psychotronic Video Guide. Maybe a remaster will improve it.

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    I'm with Matt on this one. I saw it on tape back in the early 90's (VCL release) after reading some hype about it, I believe in the Phil Hardy encyclopedia. At the time, I was still undecided whether or not I actually liked Australian horror. The amazing LONG WEEKEND was the film that brought me around.
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