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Thread: Superstition (1982)

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    Superstition (1982)

    The description for this one piqued my interest but for whatever reason I couldn't get into it when I first tried watching it many years ago. I'm glad I gave this a second chance. Very fun haunted house picture. This movie thumbs its nose at ideas such as character development, logic and subtlety. Coming off like a Fulci film in some aspects only not reaching the high's of Fulci at his peak during his horror cycle.

    Every 5 or 10 minutes someone is picked off. And the filmmakers knew where to primarily invest their money in: the effects. Fun Canuckian escapism. Probably 5th best when it comes to haunted house movies. The best one is undoubtedly The Shining followed by (maybe a controversial opinion) Poltergeist and then The Haunting. The 4th best is Fulci's House by The Cemetery.

    Fun picture. Will probably make a great double feature with Evilspeak or Death Spa. Either/or. Or fuck it, have a triple feature.
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    I liked this one as well.

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    This was a staple of video shops under the title of The Witch during my misspent youth, but never got around to renting it. Looks quite fun, will add it to the list.
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    The gore murders are cool. Otherwise, this is a piece of crap.

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    While it doesn't make a lick of sense, I still enjoy it. Try to watch it once a year.
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    It's a fun film. I remember catching it on Turner Classic Movies then found a used dvd. I'd like to see it get an upgrade.

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    Fantastic poser.

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