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Thread: RIP Janine Reynaud

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    RIP Janine Reynaud

    The news of her passing made the FB rounds this morning. She was the definition of presence, so statuesque and mysterious. Of course Franco's Succubus is a standout role but for me, her finest hour was in José Bénazéraf's Frustration. She didn't even have to speak that many lines, her sheer physicality carries the whole film. Her brief scene in Martino's Case of the Scorpion's Tail is a standout from that film and she also played muse for the likes of Max Pécas and Michel Lemoine whom she was also married to for a time. She apparently moved to Texas after she retired from film which is where she spent her last days. Another Eurocult icon gone.

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    Damn. What a fantastic screen presence she had. RIP.
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    She was an incredible presence in the films she made for Franco and her career was too short-lived. Along with Helga Line's performances around the same time (late 1960s/early 1970s), Reynaud's roles were also memorable (imo) for reminding audiences that you didn't have to be a young woman in your early 20s in order to be genuinely sexy on screen.

    RIP indeed.
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    As Tom points out, Reynaud took over Frustration despite the presence of a more voluptuous younger woman. It's a fascinating film in general.


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