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Thread: Doctor Sleep (sequel to the Shining)

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Meh. I liked the book, but this is a rental at best.

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    Apparently this movie is a sequel to The Shining book, but it's set in the universe of The Shining movie. The Doctor Sleep book, which this is an adaptation of, has nothing to do with The Shining movie. WB must have thrown a hefty sum of money at King and the Kubrick estate for them to both sign off on this abomination. More details from Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy here:

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    I finished the book last week and REALLY liked it. Hopefully the movie is faithful.

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    Might be good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclefred View Post
    The Shining was probably King's best novel. I think he's crap now however. One can hope for a good movie, I'm enjoying Haunting of Hill House series, a Flanagan project.
    I remember being underwhelmed by the book when I read it as a teen. Revisited it just last year and although it has an interesting portrait of a marriage in decline it actually goes off the rails with the introduction of the supernatural elements. I think it is a step forward for King as a writer at the time but overall one of his weaker books.

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    THE SHINING - is one of the most overrated films ever
    Kubrick - a fussy director - made a film which Stephen King didn't even like


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