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Thread: Crown International Top 10

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    Having just binged on these here's my list of 10 chronologically:

    The Babysitter
    Weekend With The Babysitter
    Cindy And Donna
    Blood Mania
    Point Of Terror
    Trip With The Teacher
    Death Machines
    The Pom Pom Girls
    Malibu High

    Still haven't seen Van Nuys Blvd.

    Hopefully, Vinegar Syndrome has more Crown blu-rays in the pipeline. I'd love to see Cindy And Donna. A Babysitter double feature would be pretty amazing as well.

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    A BABYSITTER two-fer would be great, as would CINDY AND DONNA (the sexiest Crown film, to me).

    When I was a college film programmer in the mid 1970's, THE BABYSITTER, CINDY AND DONNA, and THE YOUNG GRADUATES were all available in one of the 16mm rental catalogs (I think it was the United Films catalog, before they became VCI). I really wanted to book those films, but feared that the university wouldn't consider them to be "educational" enough.


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