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Thread: The Incredibles 2

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    The Incredibles 2

    It was released in my country yesterday and I came to watch the movie. I must say it's really kick in the memory. After all of those years Pixar finally decided to make such masterpiece. I'd 100% recommend you guys to watch it if you love Pixar.

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    Saw it tonight and I think it betters the original. Brad Bird is one of the best American directors of his generation (I even like John Carter).

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    It may be hard to recall now, but, it can be argued that the 2004 THE INCREDIBLES may still be the best of this millennium's Superhero movies. Fast. Bright. Witty. And, never forgetting the human touch. The passable sequel isn't just disappointing in comparison to it's stellar original, but, it ends up being just 'another' comic book movie in what seems like monthly installments of them.

    The plot is simple enough. Superheroes have been banned, but the Incredibles family just can't help themselves in being do-gooders. A rich man Winston (Bob Odenkirk) and his sister Evelyn (Catherine Keener) agree to bankroll the family in order to rehab their rep with the public. The catch is they don't want the whole family, but only want to spotlight 'responsible' Mom/Elastic-Girl (Holly Hunter). This leaves Dad/Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) to play Mr. Mom at home with the kids, Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner) and Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile). While Elastic-Girl is out grabbing headlines, Mr. Incredible is stuck with domestic duty. While functional, the script just seems ordinary (trying real hard to not make an 'incredible' reference).

    INCREDIBLES 2 is genial enough. The voice work is fine (Samuel L. Jackson's Frozone and Bird's Edna Mode make return appearances). The production values are top notch, and Michael Giacchino's score groves in a 60s Monty Norman 007 Bond/Space Age Lounge kind of way.

    Bird, Pixar et al. said for years that they didn't want to do a sequel until they found a screenplay worthy of it. The outlawed Superhero story is an old trope perhaps done best most recently in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and is the fundamental basis of the whole X-Men universe. And, did we wait 14 years to see Mr. Incredible change diapers and spend 5 minutes struggling over a math text book? It just seems small. More akin to a TV series like The Jetsons or The Simpsons than a big budget blockbuster. Because of the high production values and A List voice talent, it might be a stretch to call INCREDIBLES 2 to be more suited for the Direct-To-Video second tier Pixar/Disney offshoots - but, sadly, not too much of one. INCREDIBLES 2 is an okay two hours, but, Bird and company have to aim much higher if this is going to continue as a feature film franchise.

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    It could also be that sequels are, by their very nature, a disappointment. Although, I found Incredibles 2 to be engaging, funny, and imaginative, picking up directly where the first film left off. I liked it. We were entertained. To each his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul h. View Post
    It could also be that sequels are, by their very nature, a disappointment.

    Sequels aren't inherently "a disappointment"

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    No offense intended.

    Evil Dead 2, Empire Strikes Back, and Road Warrior are superior to the originals, in my opinion, but they are different animals and would not exist without the primary film setting up the situations and characters. I've never felt that Godfather II is as strong as the first film. Toy Story II is not the same as the first, and is a good comparison to the two Incredibles movies; I like them both but they're different.
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